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I have over 20 years of service in the information technology field including Internet Service Provider (ISP),  Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Telephony Service Provider (TSP), Systems Integrator and Vendor / Manufacturer businesses. I've also represented end-user enterprise and public sector organisations.

History and Approach


Background and Focus

I have spent over 20 years working both the inside and outside of the service provider market. I've worked with clients in Canada, USA, Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica, the EU and at home here in the UK. I consider myself a true technical solutions architect (TSA) and I have earned certifications across nearly every area of Information and Communication Technology including:

  • Fibre infrastructure (FTTH Council)
  • Open-source technologies (Linux Professional Institute, CompTIA)
  • Networking technologies (Cisco, CompTIA)
  • Computing technologies (Microsoft, CompTIA)
  • Cloud technologies (VMware)
  • Voice & UC technologies (Mitel, Asterisk)
  • Cyber-security (ISC2, CompTIA)


The Approach

I believe that technology should never be an end unto itself. All solutions need to serve a purpose, to start with "why". This means that when working on the sell-side of the industry my focus is on the value creation story and how the messaging, collateral, reference architecture and implementation designs can support the value creation. 

When working on the buy-side on behalf of enterprise and public sector I focus on a results-based outcome, and I'm highly critical of overly technical solutions or 'tick-box' compliance. 


Why me?

Techies are often too focused on the wrong priorities, and pure-blooded consultants don't understand the technology well enough to get the most out of it. I'm a unique resource with my deep and broad technical background and singular focus on business value-based outcomes. No-one is better able to help you sell more or buy better in the ICT space. 

Services Provided

Please contact me for any other areas you think I might be able to help.

Credentials & Certificates


Published Work


Legal in the Cloud (2015)

This article focuses on how the legal industry can take advantage of cloud technology and what it will mean for their practice. See the full article here >>

Leveling the Playing Field (2015)

This article explores how taking a cloud-first approach can be a great equaliser for SMEs to compete with larger organisations. See the full article here >>

Securing the Cloud in 2015

This article explores some of the issues surrounding Cloud security as organisations make the transition from traditional owned IT. See the full article here >>

The Cloud in 2015

This article explores the likely development of business use of cloud computing over the coming year. See the full article here >>

Redefining the Hybrid Cloud (2014)

This article explores the development of hybrid cloud topology and how it's likely to impact the evolution of IT.  See the full article here >>

Securing the Cloud (2014)

This is a presentation I delivered to the BCS together with an innovative Cyber-sec start-up about how to secure the cloud. See the slides here >>

Cloud can drive flexible working (2014)

Here I explore how cloud technologies will transform flexible working. 

Originally published in Digitalisation World - See the full article here >>

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An interview at Cloud Expo Europe in 2016

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